Protecting Products and Safeguarding your Business



What IS IP?

IP or Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized. Such creations of the mind include inventions, expressions, business methods, industrial processes, chemical formulas, artistic works, names, designs and symbols used in commerce. Depending upon the form, intellectual property may be protected by patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, or as a trade secret. Innovators, artists and business owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets for a specified duration. This duration varies for each individual type of protection. For example, within the realm of patents, the two broad types of protection are in the form of design and utility patents. Design patents have a term life of 14 years, whereas a utility patent is valid and enforcable for 20 years. 


Patents protect inventions. Trademarks protect brands and source identifiers. Copyrights protect the expression of an idea fixed in a tangible medium. Trade secrets protect rights that a business does not want publicly known.  For example:

  • Business owners are granted exclusive rights on the use of their trademarks and geographical indicators which were established by them;
  • Creative artists are granted copyrights on musical, literary, dramatic and artistic works for their creations; while
  • Innovators are granted protection for their innovative ideas and designs in the form of utility or design patents, or they can chose to keep them confidential in the form of trade secrets.


At MBIP law we cater specifically to your unique IP needs. A successful IP strategy deals with more than simply filing for patent and trademark applications. Navigating through the legalities of the Intellectual Property world can be daunting even for the most skillful of inventors. At MBIP law you will be able to take advantage of our thoughtful and skillful perspective in solving your unique IP problems. We sit down with all our clients and try to come to a mutual consensus of how to best move forward, in the most cost effective manner. IP is an intangible asset to any company. It gives business partners and financial institutions the confidence to invest in, or collaborate with the organization. Contact us today regarding all your IP needs.

How We Can Cater To Your Needs



Seek our patent attorney services and create protection that serves to exclude all others from stealing or infringing upon your idea. We work diligently with our clients to protect their inventions and prevent all others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing any similar invention or unique product for a certain period of time. We sit down with our clients to determine if they are seeking a U.S patent alone or want to launch in the global markets? Will a patent assist the client with revenue generation and investor support? What are the budget constraints and how can we creatively work with them to launch and protect their idea? Our counseling and strategy works to give you a competitive edge and increase the business value of your idea, once it is granted patent protection.

Our Complete Patent Services Include:

  • Patent Strategy Development and Execution
  • Patentability searches
  • Patentability opinions, validity opinions and infringement opinions
  • Design Patents, Utility Patents (provisional and non-provisional) and PCT applications across a wide array of technologies
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • USPTO appeals and re-exams
  • Patent Licensing Agreements



A trademark helps forge a unique identity to a brand name. A trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression which distinguishes your goods or services from those of competitors-who offer similar products. The letters "™" may be next to a product, but that does not mean it is a registered trademark. We meet with you to discuss your goals and the options available to you. We work diligently with you to ensure your mark gets the protection it deserves, and help you maintain your brand's unique identity. We have successfully assisted our clients in acquiring dozens of trademarks-thereby providing them valuable federal protection.



Our Complete Trademark Services Include:

  • Strategic trademark counseling
  • Trademark searches
  • Trademark opinions and infringement opinions
  • Preparation and prosecution of trademark applications
  • Trademark renewals, assignments and mergers
  • Trademark Licensing Agreements