Prior Art Searches, yay or nay?

Some times my clients ask me, why not just forgo a prior art search and go straight to filing a patent application. It will save some money and they-the client-can deal with Office Action rejections when the time comes. I always suggest not to take this route. Why? Because not only does a prior art search turn up results of similar, or substantially similar art, it also gives you a good idea of whether it is worth the time/money and effort to invest in your invention. A prior art search should be an essential part of any patent strategy, before starting work on a patent application. With the world of patents becoming so saturated, there is a high likelihood of a similar, or substantially similar invention being out there, that may invalidate your chances of being granted a patent. Furthermore, a search also gives you a good idea if your invention, as it is, will be infringing on any granted patents.  Then, if need be, you can tweak and make improvements on your invention, so as to not infringe on an already existing patent. Therefore, before you invest the money and time in a patent application, invest that money in a prior art search to ensure your invention/idea is as unique as you think it is. This may save you from major disappointment later on.

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